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Hi ladies

So although the Festive season is a long way off, anyone who has ordered from Ali Express knows that time isn’t on your side!  With most orders taking from 3 to 6 weeks to arrive, I have decided to do up an informative blog on some top gifts for your loved ones for Christmas.

I have shopped with Ali Express for the last 5 years and I have never had a bad experience with them.  On my last blog I told you a bit about how to shop correctly on what is really a huge online market place.  Like any other company or seller, you will always have the couple of shady ones that might put people off, but to remind you again, always look for sellers that have a high score for their store and also sellers that have sold a lot of the particular product you want, then to finish, read and look at the customers reviews these will not only help you to determine the quality of the item but also the size, type and length of time it took to be delivered.

I’m not going to put these gifts into any sort of bracket because they can literally be used for anyone, you can buy them for your child to give to their pals, a little gift for your neighbour, a gift to your husband or partner from your kids etc.  I will give a rough price which will be converted into euros, as they use dollar on the site so they will be roughly the price I state give or take a euro at most.  The whole idea is that they are cheap but good quality items that will ultimately bring a smile to someone’s face when they unwrap it on Christmas Morning.  It’s only know that I am older and have kids of my own that I really understand the joy of Christmas and that its not so much about big expensive presents, but a little bit of extra thought and spending time with the ones you love and enjoying it with them.

Anyway enough of my sentimental blabbing, you know me now, start me off about Christmas and I’ll have the decorations down, telling Enda, I’m just “sorting” through them to make sure everything is ok! Haha.






Anyone that has a teen or on overgrown man child knows about Fortnite.  I will definitely be getting some “merch” as my kids call it for my own lot.  The hoodie is classed as an adult hoodie but an XS would fit a boy aged 9-10 so you can go from there.  They also have everything from wallets, to caps to keyrings branded with Fortnite.


Stocking Fillers:

Vintage Cross Earings €2


Big, bold earrings are still all the rage and these Vintage cross ones are fab, they come in lots of different colours.





Stripe band watch


This little watch is cute and I love the band, sort of Tommy Hilfigeresque look about it! €2.50 also comes in different colour wrist band.







This is one of my faves, I ordered this for my sister in law after she had my niece, and the seller put her newborn pic on each side of it incased in glass, all for €2.50



Ah for anyone who has little girls into Unicorns , this little watch is gorgeous, only €1.50, perfect for anyone with a mountain of nieces and godkids and needing to fill their stockings!

Men-Cuff-links-Alphabet-Single-Letter-Black-Bottom-Silver-Plated-Wedding-Party-Vintage-16mm-Men-CuffLink.jpg_120x120I always struggle for little gifts for men, they are so hard to buy for! These little personalised Inital cufflinks are a lovely little gift and they can always keep them as a keepsake even if they never wear a suit again, or ideal as a present for a groomsman etc. €1!!


Cat-Panda-Automatic-Stealing-Coin-Piggy-Bank-Money-Saving-Box-Coins-Storage-Box-for-USD-EURO.jpg_120x120This is fab, and a good way to get the kids saving, not sure if these are around to buy but I love the idea of them.  Money boxes, but when you put the coin on top of the box, the little cat/ pokemon puts their paw out and grabs it in! Hillarious €8.50


New-Arrival-Q90-GPS-Phone-Positioning-Fashion-Children-Watch-1-22-Inch-Color-Touch-Screen-WIFI.jpg_350x350This I am actually looking forward to receiving as anything that will keep my kids active and safe is a good thing for me and its not costing an arm and a leg for someone wanting to try it out. There is a tracking feature, an alarm or sos button if your child is in danger, an alarm that you can set to cover an area and if the child moves outside the boundaries it sends a msg to your phone, tracks their steps etc. Some great features on it. One of the dearer gifts at €20- 24 depending on the model.


Makeup-Brushes-Set-Professional-1pc-10Pcs-Kits-Powder-Foundation-brush-Concealer-Eye-shadow-Lip-Blending.jpg_120x120Ok next up is one gift that will always be used! Makeup brushes. I’ve used lots of brushes from Ali Express and have a good few in my personal bag and I find them brilliant! You can also get these with a handy carry case for a bit extra. These are €7 for ten piece set.


ChenKe-Brand-Designer-Belts-for-Women-Fashion-Letter-Smooth-Buckle-Belts-Women-Men-Luxury-Leather-Belts.jpg_120x120 You can’t go wrong with a belt.  These G belts have been in a lot of online boutiques and shops.  You can get this one here for €6.50


2018-Sexy-Women-Nightgowns-Sleepshirts-Three-Quarter-O-Neck-Nightgowns-Solid-Full-Lace-Transparnet-Hollow-Out.jpg_120x120 If anyone was watching Love Island this year you will have seen similar to these beautiful lace over gowns, can be worn over swimwear or in the bedroom! €7, I love the black shade.

These little satin robes are timeless, I have it in mint green and I love wearing it, I am going to order the red for Christmas and pick up a few for gifts. Comes in loads of shades. Silk-Satin-Wedding-Bride-Bridesmaid-Robe-Floral-Bathrobe-Short-Kimono-Robe-Night-Robe-Bath-Robe-Fashion.jpg_220x220Perfect for bridal parties too. €6

Fashion-2018-font-b-Christmas-b-font-Gifts-Pins-And-font-b-Brooches-b-font-For.jpg_220x220These are random, but I ordered 6 of these in a couple of different little Christmas styles and they were a big hit, gave some to my Gran, Mam, a family friend and I wore one myself on my cardigan over Christmas, then again I’m an awful sucker and would love a gift of this! €2



Another thing that’s very popular with the girls is a good set of False lashes, I got these Faux mink ones, and now they come in a little gift box of 2, ideal for Secret Santa or a small gift. The quality of these lashes is always unreal, I wouldn’t buy from pharmacies anymore unless I was after running out. €4


I couldn’t do this and not include some handbags, there are bags to suit everyone from a 10 year old to a 90 year old, these 3 are my faves and I have ordered the Bee one of these to start with (€20), so I will let you know how I get on, I ordered it in black for coming into Autumn/ Winter.

The Glittery one (€11) comes in 3 shades, I think I will order the dark blue navy, its gorgeous, look it up.  The Gold Studded (large €22) one comes in 2 sizes, large and small, and it comes in about 10 different shades, I also love the emerald green shade, I don’t know how I am going to be able to pick just one!

Ok ladies, I better finish it up here, there are so many things I could have put on but I would have been here for the week.  Just to note, the prices are in or around that, as some stores sell for a little bit cheaper or dearer than others, some offer free shipping and some charge a couple of euro shipping, so just keep an eye on that.  And remember the rule of thumb, don’t buy anything from a seller that hasn’t sold anything yet or has no feedback.  I generally won’t even buy unless they have reviews with pictures!

I hope you enjoyed this, I’m not the greatest at blogging and putting bits together in an eye pleasing way but I’m only learning and I hope at least my information is clear and helpful for you.

If you do order any bits please be sure to let me know how you got on, and share any tips you might have with me!

Stacey xxx





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