Elave Skincare Review

Back in January I had recommended a product that I actually swear by and use every day when in the shower, which was Aqueous Cream, by Ovelle Pharmaceuticals, who also produce Elave Skincare

Elave is an Irish brand based in Dundalk and they have been in the business of skincare for many years.

I was delighted when Elave got in touch to tell me a bit about their company and products, to which I must admit I was surprised they had such a wide varied range of skin care products.  They had seen my posts in which I detailed my “problem skin”.

If your new to following me, then let me tell you, I have thee most temperamental skin ever.  About 10 years ago after the birth of my first child, I developed Rosacea.  I had always had normal, uncomplicated skin up until then, so as you can imagine it was pretty annoying to realise my skin was starting to behave like a teenage rebel in my 20s!  This was the start of my skincare journey and really looking at what I was or was not putting onto my skin.  Let’s face it, no one seems to really care about skincare until they start to age or it starts to give them problems, oh to go back in time and tell my younger self to invest in some proper good quality skincare!

The most important thing to me , is to find skincare products that don’t irritate my skin and this usually happens if they have perfume or are scented, which Elave do not contain.

I get asked a lot about eye creams so I will start the show with this little beauty below:

Elave Eye Rescue Serum €22.95


Lately I have found my eyes quite puffy when I wake in the morning so this came as a godsend to me.  It is full of anti-oxidant Vitamins, especially Vitamin C which is great for the under eye area.  Its light and dries in after a couple of minutes, leaving the skin still soft to feel.  I use this morning and night and the tiniest bit is all that is needed.  It is safe to use during pregnancy and it is also suitable for vegans.

Rejuvenating Cleansing Treatment €26.95


I got two cleansers from Elave and I think this one was my favourite, simply because it has 12% Glycolic Acid in it, so whilst cleansing my skin, it also gently exfoliates it with the glycolic acid stimulating collagen.  So its not only cleansing my skin it also has the added bonus of that extra fresh feeling from the enriched formula.


Sensitive Intense Moisture Surge €19.95


Ok as someone who suffers from dry skin, at times its unbearable , that tight feeling drives me mad !  I tend to look for moisturisers that give me lots of moisture but without feeling greasy, I know its no easy feat but I think I have found my “one” in this cream.

It really does what it says, it gives me back my moisture and although it dries in, I can still feel it on my face the next morning, it leaves it quite supple and soft and the only thing I will put on my face when I am having a bad week skin wise, as all I want is too get the moisture into me without irritating my skin any further.

If you have dry tight skin, this will be the one for you.


Rejuvenating Night Treatment €29.95


I have a confession to make here, both Enda and I use this at night, yes I have to remind him to use it, but the  difference in his skin is amazing!  This has definitely brightened and freshened up my skin since I have started using it.  It has glycolic acid arginine to rejuvenate, Vitamin E which we all know is great for repairing the skin and it targets your fine lines.  I use this on my face, neck and rub it down onto the chest area also.  A small bit goes a long way.  I use this with my Eye rescue serum most nights of the week.

Perfect for anyone who wants to brighten and tighten their skin before bed.


Daily Skin Defence SPF 45 €22.95


I spoke about this product on my Instagram

People tend to forget to protect their skin from sun damage even with all the information and warnings out there to do so.  I never bothered much about protecting my face as I figured living in Ireland, the sun couldn’t really damage me, right?  Well only the slightest bit of sun on my face, makes my rosacea flare up like a bitch!  I have to wear SPF and whilst some foundations have SPF in them, they aren’t enough to give you proper protection.

I hated the usual sun creams, as I felt they clogged my face and gave me that greasy white mask that they usually do.  This is until I found this.  First off I couldn’t believe how nice my makeup went on over it, after looking up some reviews I seen that lots of other people found it great as a priming base for their makeup! It isn’t greasy as its oil free, so doesn’t clog my pores.  To put it in a nutshell, it doesn’t actually feel like I am wearing a sun cream, it just feels like a really nice face cream, that actually keeps my foundation in place all day and is protecting my skin from the sun. If you don’t own this, then please go out and treat yourself to a tube if at all possible, you won’t regret it.

I have a couple of other bits that I am still using and want to wait a couple of weeks to review, I have only one face, and whilst I know lots of other bloggers will review what seems like 20 products a week, I am giving my honest opinion and can only try so many products at a time.

Everyone has different skin so please make sure to do your research and read the packaging before you buy any products.  They are available on their own website and also in pharmacies nationwide.

I hope this has helped, if you have any questions please feel free to pop me a message.

Stacey xxx


Top Products from 2018, that I loved!

Right, so I found lots of new products that I loved in 2018.  I am always picking up bits to try out and although I do like to splash out occasionally, I do love when a product works well and has a reasonable price range.

The beauty market has been flooded recently with so many products that I find it hard to decide which one to choose, between foundation, tan, highlighters and skincare it can be a nightmare to find one that will suit you and that you won’t end up throwing in your drawer never to be used again.

I will always give my honest review on anything I use, but just bare in mind that although I might love/hate a product, it might be the opposite for you.

These are in no particular order but I loved them all and would/ will be purchasing again!


NOTE COSMETICS – Full Coverage Liquid concealer -€4.95

This concealer is one of the best low budget concealer’s I have ever used.  It comes with an applicator and 3 different shades.  Ivory, Beige & Sand. ( There could be new shades brought out since)  It gives a full coverage finish but it is so light on the skin, it is great for under eye area to brighten up dark circles.  My only gripe is that I go through it very quickly.  I would love to see a large version being brought out, I’d be all over that.  My shade I use is Ivory.



STILA – Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow – €27.95stila_kitten-karma_001_productHow did I ever live without these beauties! I currently have about 8 of these.  My favourite if I was to get only one would be Kitten Karma, its a light peachy golden shade that goes with any eye look.  It can be used on its own blended over the lid or added on top of shadows to give a pop of glitter to the eye.  There is no fall out with this, unlike some glitter shadows or pigments and there is no need for any glue.  Its pricey but lasts for ages.  If your wanting to treat yourself, pick up one of these.  Rose Gold retro is another beautiful shade, slightly more pink than Kitten Karma but equally bling.


THE ORDINARY – Coverage Foundation – €6.80


I bought this because I had heard great things about The Ordinary and I loved their skincare range.  I was sceptical that for that price is would be as good as it was.  This comes in lots of shades and they also do different tones, so P for pink undertones, Y for yellow undertones, R for red undertones and N for neutral tones.  This is great as we all have different undertones in our skin.

I prefer to use their 2.0 YG which is Yellow Gold, the gold being tiny flecks of gold going through the foundation which gives it a luminous finish.  The coverage is good, I would say medium coverage.  It also feels light on the skin so you don’t have to feeling like your face is dried or cracking. I have maybe 20 bottles of this now in all the different shades for use on clients.


BELLAMIANTA- Skin Perfecting Instant Tan – €18.00


I usually use self tan year round, its rare I don’t have it on but this has been a god send for days when I haven’t any on or want to spruce up tan that has been on a while.  It has a beautiful scent and it is really moisturising.  It evens out the skin tone and just gives a really lovely glow to the skin without feeling that usual sticky feeling you get with some instant tan.   I always bring their travel size one with me when  I go away for a few nights, it is a life saver especially if I don’t know what outfits I am going to wear.  Tan those ankles girl!!!  You can get 20% off on their website http://www.bellamianta.com if you use the code FAIRY20 ❤


NOTE COSMETICS – Skin Perfecting Illuminator – €8.76


I only found this gem around October, but I am already out.  I have used this every day and love it.  It primes your skin whilst adding a bit of a glow.  Similar to Mac Strobe cream but I need to be able to walk into a store local to me and pick something up which is why this is going on my best of 2018 list.  I also got a lot of use out of the tube, which is a decent 35mls.  For that price you cannot go wrong.


KIKO – Hydra Pro Mask – €6.25


I have dry skin and if I don’t look after it nothing sits right on it, my make up starts to flake and crease and its just a nightmare.  I got this when I was Lisbon last year.  I use it once a week or if I am lazy once every 2 weeks.  It is a lovely light face mask that leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated after it.  It is ideal for all skin types and as usual the price is on point!

Kiko website is always doing great sales and they ship to Ireland also.


I have so many products that I have bought and loved but these were the ones that stood out for me be it price or quality.  You have probably heard me speaking about them on my social media, if you have any question’s don’t be afraid to send me a message.


Stacey x


The Ordinary Skincare – Explained

So The Ordinary Products have literally blown up this past year, Deciem the founding company have brought us lots of different skin care products that actually work and don’t cost a small fortune.



I use a lot of these products myself and I am always asked which ones people should get, to be honest, everyone is different when it comes to your skin, but I have put together a rough guide depending on what you are looking to fix.


Anyone with severe acne should always see a doctor to determine which type of acne they have but several of The Ordinary products have helped greatly with acne prone skin.  Salicylic Acid 2% solution will help to reduce inflammation of the skin and penetrate deep into the pores .  This should be used in the morning.  To keep the skin moisturised, 100% Plant-Derived Squalane is a non clogging product that will maintain moisture in the skin. This should be used in the evening.


This is one category a lot of us fall into! If you are one of those then you will need to use Noncomedogenic’s which are basically non pore clogging products. Azelaic acid suspension will reduce redness and brighten dull skin and is a great antioxidant.  Ideally this should be used in your evening routine.  You can also use Salicylic Acid 2% solution as above for blemish prone and clogged pores.


If you have dry skin, you want to penetrate deep into the skin and maintain a healthy skin barrier. Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 and Natural Moisturising Factors + HA are perfect for this, they provide long lasting hydration for the skin.


This is where it gets tricky for most people with sensitive skin, they are afraid to try new products for fear of a breakout.  I have very sensitive skin myself and I have tried most of the products listed and have not had any reaction.  I did find my skin got a little stingy from using the Retinol but that was my own fault as I was using it too often. Natural Moisturising Factors + HA is going to be your best friend here out of the group, its hydrating and will help skin repair.  If you really want to try out one of The Ordinary’s acids, then the Lactic Acid 5% is the gentlest of the products.


This is all about reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but we also want to keep the skin hydrated as we get older.  For morning use I suggest using The Buffet, this has gotten massive high reviews because of its formula which has over 11 different friendly amino acids and multiple other ingredients to combat aging process.  It is one of the more expensive products in or around €12 but it is probably one of their biggest sellers.  Argireline Solution 10% is what I use around my eye and forehead area for fine lines every evening. And finally I recommend you pick up their 100% L-Acorbic Acid Powder ( yes it does sound scary) but I promise you its brilliant.  It is a powder form in the jar and you mix a small amount with your everyday moisturiser, it can be built up over time as your skin gets used to it.  It is a powerful Vitamin C antioxidant , that targets uneven skin tone, signs of aging and dullness.  I use this in the evenings, mixed in with my night-time moisturiser.


If you have oily skin, believe it or not it still needs to be kept moisturised.  What you do want to work on is unclogging those pores and keeping them free from dirt etc.  I suggest you try their High-Adherence Silicone Primer underneath your makeup, as it works to  both hydrate and mattify in one application, which means the skin stays healthy and moisturised without becoming oily and greasy throughout the day. Natural Moisturising Factors + HA, this can also be used both morning and evening to maintain a healthy moisturising barrier to the skin without clogging.


So that is my little guide ladies, these products are such good quality and packed full of great ingredients its unbelievable that they are so budget friendly to purchase!   There are many more products available from The Ordinary and you can see them for yourself at :  The Ordinary

I purchase my products depending on availability from either :

Cloud10 Beauty or Beauty Bay

If you do try them please let me know how you get on !


Stacey x


Contouring & Highlighting the face – Explained

Hi All

I sometimes forget when speaking to clients or family & friends, that not everyone is as obsessed as I am about makeup.  I tend to waffle on in makeup terminology until I see someone’s face fall and then realise they don’t understand what I am talking about.

This is the last thing I want, is for someone to feel uncomfortable or uneasy because they haven’t a clue what any of these terms mean.  That’s perfectly fine to not know! That’s why your getting your make up done.

I am sure though it can put people off when purchasing makeup items, especially in store.  When a sales assistant starts to waffle on about transition shades, or asks you if you like a dewy or matte finish, they too probably automatically take it that you know what they are talking about.

I am going to do a quick guide on some of the terminology and techniques.  A lot of you will know what I am talking about but I have come across so many ladies that don’t know and it puts them off purchasing these types of products for that reason.




Contouring is used when you want to sculpt the face, concentrating on the hollows of your face.  Long before Instagram and The Kardashians, people were contouring there faces on stage in the 1500’s.  It allowed people in the audience to see their expressions more clearly.

To put in simple terms, if you have a round face and desire that chiselled cheeks and jawline, then you can contour with a darker shade (one or two shades darker than your face) to create the illusion of this shape.

Contouring can be done using cream or powder based products and contrary to what you might think, the shade should not be bronze or orange toned, it should be more ashy to mimic a shadow on your face.  Do not get confused with Bronzer and Contour.  Bronzers are mostly shimmery but you can get matte types, but a lot of the time they are too orange or golden to contour with.

I have had ladies come to me and ask me why I didn’t contour their nose/face etc and I have had to explain there simply was no need for it.  If you have a tiny slim nose, then there really isn’t any need to contour it to make it look narrow, why would you when it already has the desired shape.


Highlighting does exactly what it says, it highlights points on your face that you want to be more noticeable.  I have to say I cringe a little when I see how overboard these technique has been taken, people are literally highlighting every inch of their faces, giving a really unnatural finished look.  You don’t have to go overboard to achieve a nice little glow.

Like with contouring you can use either liquid or powder highlight.  You must make sure if using a liquid highlight that you apply it before any powder products, otherwise it will clump.  Popular areas to highlight are : Under the brow bone, just above the cheek area, under the eye and also the centre of the nose.

Top Tip : Always remember that contouring is adding depth to an area and highlighting is bringing something forward.  So bare that in mind when you are applying these techniques.

Top Tips for Every Bride to be!



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Hi Girls,

So most of my work is Bridal.  I love that I get to spend the morning with so many people surrounding by excitement and happiness its such a pleasure.  Along the way I’ve seen a lot and gained a few tips that might help some brides to be.


Preperation :

This isn’t just for your skin and your body! Most women once they are engaged will go mad organising, pricing, browsing wedding sites etc.  That’s great but I know from experience it can get a little overwhelming can’t it?  Your best friend will be your “List” .  First off write everything that pops into your head down on that list.

Venue, Date, Flowers, Bridal Party, Dress, Rings, Bridesmaid, Hen party, Honeymoon etc.

Its just a list to get you brainstorming, let’s say to get you started.  Now out of that list you start with your most important, which I reckon is the date!  Speak to your partner and come up with a date, call any venues your are interested in and ask them if this date is free, there is no point calling in to view a venue and then to be told your date is actually booked out already.

Once the date is booked you can start on all the others.  A lot of people use social media to find their ideal suppliers, this is great but I cannot stress enough that you should pick up the phone or visit your suppliers, messages through facebook are great to start but you need to establish a rapport with your supplier, your trusting them to come up trumps on the biggest day of your life.

A lot of suppliers request deposits to hold your date, make sure that you have a paper trail to follow, if your paying a deposit, get receipts and keep note of the total amount and how much you have paid, another good idea is to find out whether they want payment before or on the day, if its on the day, you will want to have each suppliers payment in envelopes with their names and amount clearly marked on it.  I had an instance once where I was paid on the day for completing bridal party makeup and the amount was clearly marked on the envelope when I opened it, it was short €100! It was so embarrassing for both myself and the bride, it transpires her dad took money out to pay a supplier and forgot to put it back, so definitely seal those envelopes once the correct amount is inside!

Keep in touch :

Don’t be afraid after booking a supplier to keep in touch, sometimes you might book a supplier a year or two before the big day, there is no harm in keeping in touch with them, if you have any questions or ideas etc.  The majority of us are delighted to hear from you and to help in anyway we can.

Don’t take on too much:

I have seen brides work themselves into the ground, be it from making fairy light backdrops to deciding to do their bridal parties makeup themselves.  Ladies sometimes it can become too much, and whilst you might relish the idea of making your own 4 tiered cake, let me tell you once the week before the wedding comes, it is all systems go.  So please please be sure that you are not taking on too much.  You want to enjoy the day and also the build up to it.

The Beauty side:

Now I know we all try and keep our skin as well as we can in the run up to the big day but no matter how much you look after it, or drink 4 litres of water a day, if your stressed your skin will show it.

If you are thinking of getting a spray tan then I recommend you get on for your makeup trial.  I have had so many brides that haven’t realised or even thought of it and come to me in their natural skin tone and then say “Oh I will be a lot darker on the day”  meaning that your finished look is going to look a lot different when you are 2 or 3 shades darker on your big day, so its always advisable to get your tan trial a day or two before your make up trial.

Lashes:  Some ladies aren’t sure if they will want false lashes on the day, a trial is the perfect time to try them out, you can go home and spend the day and evening with these on and decide if you would like them on your big day.  Also if you are thinking of getting semi perm faux minx lashes, get these for your trial or hen, I have had some brides who having got them done just days before their wedding, with clumps of them missing, luck job I was able to fill them in, just a note to find a reputable lash extensionist and preferably try them out before your big day.

On the Day Itself:

Ok so the day has arrived, obviously it would be great if you could get the best nights sleep the night before, but come on now, who actually sleeps great before their wedding, I didn’t.

The only good thing is that you literally run on adrenaline no matter how tired you are, you’ve waited for this day all your life so a lack of sleep aint gonna ruin it for you now!  A handy thing I saw a bride with was some glucose sweets, by Lucozade.  She said they perked her energy up a bit after being up half the night with a small toddler and by god was she zipping around that morning.

Don’t skip breakfast!  The last thing you might want is food when your feeling nervous and excited, so instead of a big greasy fry, have some croissants or scones in.  You need a bit of fuel in you for the long day ahead.

Don’t stress about time.  Your suppliers are well used to handling this.  Once they have your ceremony times and details of bridal party etc they will look after this for you.  Your job is to relax, your makeup artist and hairdresser will schedule your time for you that morning, they know what they are doing, so just go with the flow.

Delegate – Don’t expect people to know what to do, they will want to help but with the house full and people going back and forth it can be easy for things to get lost in translation.  If you have small kids, ask someone specifically to keep an eye on them.  Ask someone else if they will help out with the breakfast etc.  Genuinely people love to help out.

Lastly, try and remember there are no rules, this is your big day, you’ve spent time and money on it and it goes in a blink of an eye.  Don’t cry if the florist has forgotten the page boys corsage, no one will notice it!  Any little mishaps that happen can be dealt with after the big day, you can of course contact any suppliers if you feel they didn’t deliver and come to some sort of arrangement, enjoy your day as the hours go by so quickly.

And remember the real reason why you’ve worked so hard to pull all this together, which is one I think people loose sight of in amidst the madness.  Your marrying the love of your life, you want to enjoy the day but remember so many others are looking forward to witnessing your marriage also.  Enjoy every minute of it.


Stacey x


Products that don’t cost the world that I would use in my Pro Kit

I just wanted to do up a quick little mini blog post of products I have that I really adore, that I’m not afraid to use on my brides or clients, because I trust them, I’ve used them, they have wowed me and I have probably bought multiple times.

Usually it is a case of if you buy shite, you buy twice, but there is always a few exceptions to the rule, here’s mine :

Sleek Solstice Palette Highlighter – I’ve used this on everyone, brides etcAs you can see its well loved. I use the lightest on in the inner corner of the eye, under the brow etc.  I use the peach and lavender shades as highlight on the face. Usually €13.49, its on sale on http://www.sammccauley.com for €6.49!                        Bargain.                     20180831_170949


Rimmel for Kate Moss Rock N Roll Nude 54 :  This is thee most versatile nude I’ve ever used.  I use this on brides all the time and its great as it doesn’t cost them a fortune to pick up one for top ups.  Its a pinky creamy nude and it lasts well and doesn’t dry out your lips. You can get it loads of places but in Boots its €7.4920180831_171039



MakeUpGeek Single Shadow Pans :  Oh these are one of my true loves when it come’s to eyeshadows.  They are super super pigmented and literally as smooth as butter.  I’d nearly go as far to say they are better than MAC especially when you counter in price.  They have a massive range of shades, my favourite and I must have gone through 10 of them is Dessert Sands ( fab as a transition shade) and Shimma Shimma ( a pinky shimmer fab on the lids).  I get mine on http://www.beautybay.com priced between €5.50-5.95 each)20171127_150515


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation :  I will wear this any day I’m not wearing tan which is usually weekdays except Friday especially days where I’m doing school runs.  It hasn’t a great shade range, which is why I haven’t bothered to try a darker shade, but it literally does wake me up, well my skin up when I apply it in the mornings.  Its light , smells lovely, has a slight iridescence to it  and blends perfectly into my skin, so I look alive and kicking doing the school run, most mornings .   I buy mine in http://www.sammccauley.com when they have 3 for 2, so I always get this and my Kate Moss lippie! Result.  €11.50


Kiko Ever Lasting Colour Lip liner : I swear, I have MAC pencils that I’ve abandoned since I got this liner, I got it on hols, in shade 420 Rosy Brown, and its come everywhere with me since.  Its retractable so no paring! Great shade range, and if you sign up to http://www.kikocosmetics.com , click on Ireland and sign up for their newsletter you get €5 off your first order over €30.  This brand is serious quality for great prices.  Lip liner is €4.95



Revolution Conceal & Correct Concealer:  I am loving this concealer, it gives good coverage and doesn’t budge beneath my eyes or disappear into any lines.  It has loads of shades, and I think I might buy the darker one, to maybe use as a contour.  I get mine in Sam McCauleys but they are everywhere at the minute. €4.99 20180831_171234

Kiko Invisible Touch Face Fixing Powder:  I usually get a little bit scared of powders on my own face, makes me feel a bit furry or something, like a peach haha! This is great, it leaves a soft matte finish which is lovely and light and colourless so sets any makeup great.  Its cute the way its packaged with a little puff also.  €12.95


Ok ladies, that’s all I have in my bag of tricks tonight, did I say something about a little mini blog post? Mmmm I’ve been ages doing this, I may get my blogging skills looked at.  If you have any questions about any of these, give me a shout on my Snap/ Insta or Facebook , Stacey ❤




Gift Ideas under €30 from Ali Express

Hi ladies

So although the Festive season is a long way off, anyone who has ordered from Ali Express knows that time isn’t on your side!  With most orders taking from 3 to 6 weeks to arrive, I have decided to do up an informative blog on some top gifts for your loved ones for Christmas.

I have shopped with Ali Express for the last 5 years and I have never had a bad experience with them.  On my last blog I told you a bit about how to shop correctly on what is really a huge online market place.  Like any other company or seller, you will always have the couple of shady ones that might put people off, but to remind you again, always look for sellers that have a high score for their store and also sellers that have sold a lot of the particular product you want, then to finish, read and look at the customers reviews these will not only help you to determine the quality of the item but also the size, type and length of time it took to be delivered.

I’m not going to put these gifts into any sort of bracket because they can literally be used for anyone, you can buy them for your child to give to their pals, a little gift for your neighbour, a gift to your husband or partner from your kids etc.  I will give a rough price which will be converted into euros, as they use dollar on the site so they will be roughly the price I state give or take a euro at most.  The whole idea is that they are cheap but good quality items that will ultimately bring a smile to someone’s face when they unwrap it on Christmas Morning.  It’s only know that I am older and have kids of my own that I really understand the joy of Christmas and that its not so much about big expensive presents, but a little bit of extra thought and spending time with the ones you love and enjoying it with them.

Anyway enough of my sentimental blabbing, you know me now, start me off about Christmas and I’ll have the decorations down, telling Enda, I’m just “sorting” through them to make sure everything is ok! Haha.






Anyone that has a teen or on overgrown man child knows about Fortnite.  I will definitely be getting some “merch” as my kids call it for my own lot.  The hoodie is classed as an adult hoodie but an XS would fit a boy aged 9-10 so you can go from there.  They also have everything from wallets, to caps to keyrings branded with Fortnite.


Stocking Fillers:

Vintage Cross Earings €2


Big, bold earrings are still all the rage and these Vintage cross ones are fab, they come in lots of different colours.





Stripe band watch


This little watch is cute and I love the band, sort of Tommy Hilfigeresque look about it! €2.50 also comes in different colour wrist band.







This is one of my faves, I ordered this for my sister in law after she had my niece, and the seller put her newborn pic on each side of it incased in glass, all for €2.50



Ah for anyone who has little girls into Unicorns , this little watch is gorgeous, only €1.50, perfect for anyone with a mountain of nieces and godkids and needing to fill their stockings!

Men-Cuff-links-Alphabet-Single-Letter-Black-Bottom-Silver-Plated-Wedding-Party-Vintage-16mm-Men-CuffLink.jpg_120x120I always struggle for little gifts for men, they are so hard to buy for! These little personalised Inital cufflinks are a lovely little gift and they can always keep them as a keepsake even if they never wear a suit again, or ideal as a present for a groomsman etc. €1!!


Cat-Panda-Automatic-Stealing-Coin-Piggy-Bank-Money-Saving-Box-Coins-Storage-Box-for-USD-EURO.jpg_120x120This is fab, and a good way to get the kids saving, not sure if these are around to buy but I love the idea of them.  Money boxes, but when you put the coin on top of the box, the little cat/ pokemon puts their paw out and grabs it in! Hillarious €8.50


New-Arrival-Q90-GPS-Phone-Positioning-Fashion-Children-Watch-1-22-Inch-Color-Touch-Screen-WIFI.jpg_350x350This I am actually looking forward to receiving as anything that will keep my kids active and safe is a good thing for me and its not costing an arm and a leg for someone wanting to try it out. There is a tracking feature, an alarm or sos button if your child is in danger, an alarm that you can set to cover an area and if the child moves outside the boundaries it sends a msg to your phone, tracks their steps etc. Some great features on it. One of the dearer gifts at €20- 24 depending on the model.


Makeup-Brushes-Set-Professional-1pc-10Pcs-Kits-Powder-Foundation-brush-Concealer-Eye-shadow-Lip-Blending.jpg_120x120Ok next up is one gift that will always be used! Makeup brushes. I’ve used lots of brushes from Ali Express and have a good few in my personal bag and I find them brilliant! You can also get these with a handy carry case for a bit extra. These are €7 for ten piece set.


ChenKe-Brand-Designer-Belts-for-Women-Fashion-Letter-Smooth-Buckle-Belts-Women-Men-Luxury-Leather-Belts.jpg_120x120 You can’t go wrong with a belt.  These G belts have been in a lot of online boutiques and shops.  You can get this one here for €6.50


2018-Sexy-Women-Nightgowns-Sleepshirts-Three-Quarter-O-Neck-Nightgowns-Solid-Full-Lace-Transparnet-Hollow-Out.jpg_120x120 If anyone was watching Love Island this year you will have seen similar to these beautiful lace over gowns, can be worn over swimwear or in the bedroom! €7, I love the black shade.

These little satin robes are timeless, I have it in mint green and I love wearing it, I am going to order the red for Christmas and pick up a few for gifts. Comes in loads of shades. Silk-Satin-Wedding-Bride-Bridesmaid-Robe-Floral-Bathrobe-Short-Kimono-Robe-Night-Robe-Bath-Robe-Fashion.jpg_220x220Perfect for bridal parties too. €6

Fashion-2018-font-b-Christmas-b-font-Gifts-Pins-And-font-b-Brooches-b-font-For.jpg_220x220These are random, but I ordered 6 of these in a couple of different little Christmas styles and they were a big hit, gave some to my Gran, Mam, a family friend and I wore one myself on my cardigan over Christmas, then again I’m an awful sucker and would love a gift of this! €2



Another thing that’s very popular with the girls is a good set of False lashes, I got these Faux mink ones, and now they come in a little gift box of 2, ideal for Secret Santa or a small gift. The quality of these lashes is always unreal, I wouldn’t buy from pharmacies anymore unless I was after running out. €4


I couldn’t do this and not include some handbags, there are bags to suit everyone from a 10 year old to a 90 year old, these 3 are my faves and I have ordered the Bee one of these to start with (€20), so I will let you know how I get on, I ordered it in black for coming into Autumn/ Winter.

The Glittery one (€11) comes in 3 shades, I think I will order the dark blue navy, its gorgeous, look it up.  The Gold Studded (large €22) one comes in 2 sizes, large and small, and it comes in about 10 different shades, I also love the emerald green shade, I don’t know how I am going to be able to pick just one!

Ok ladies, I better finish it up here, there are so many things I could have put on but I would have been here for the week.  Just to note, the prices are in or around that, as some stores sell for a little bit cheaper or dearer than others, some offer free shipping and some charge a couple of euro shipping, so just keep an eye on that.  And remember the rule of thumb, don’t buy anything from a seller that hasn’t sold anything yet or has no feedback.  I generally won’t even buy unless they have reviews with pictures!

I hope you enjoyed this, I’m not the greatest at blogging and putting bits together in an eye pleasing way but I’m only learning and I hope at least my information is clear and helpful for you.

If you do order any bits please be sure to let me know how you got on, and share any tips you might have with me!

Stacey xxx