Buying From Ali Express

My favourite thing to do when I get a few minutes is to browse through Ali Express on my phone.  I know a lot of people think that it must be utter shite if its coming from China and so cheap but believe me I have gotten some beauties from that place.  I think out of all my orders, must be in the 100s now, I’ve been let down once by a seller, I never received the item, but because it hadn’t cost much I let it slide.  Another time, the top came and having previously ordered from the seller, this top was not great quality, but other than that I’ve always been delighted with my purchases and I’ve really saved a fortune.

It can be kind of daunting to begin with as it really is a huge online market with different stores and traders and a lot of them selling the same things.

A few tips for starting off is :

  1. When you find a product you like, there might be 30 stores or traders selling it some prices vary but the best ones to use are the ones that have A) The most orders and B) The most feedback.  You can then see the product reviewed by real buyers and see how it looks on them etc
  2. Don’t be afraid to message the seller to ask for a reduction or ask any questions, they are Chinese but they can speak great English and are always willing to help.
  3. There is the option of finding a product by snapping a photo of something you like and then uploading it to Ali Express, who then try to find that item or something very similar.  I have seen so many online “boutiques” selling handbags, dresses and shoes that can and probably were gotten on Ali Express for a fraction of the price.
  4. Be prepared to wait 3 to 5 weeks for your item, ordering something and expecting it next week isn’t a good idea.
  5. Sizing tends to be small, use their size charts as a guideline but like I stated in point 1, check the reviews, people will say it if it was sized very small or large and that will give you a great guide.

The majority of things I buy are :


Earings & Dress Jewellery




Hair accessories

Makeup tools such as mascara wands, disposable lip brushes, hairbrushes

Makeup brushes, I have a set of brushes I bought 2 years ago that I love and use all the time, I think I paid 7euro for a set of 8 brushes, also notice that a lot of the branded brushes are very similar to the Ali Express ones .. mmmmm

Party items like balloons, paper straws, banners etc

They will ask you to insert your credit/debit card or if you can use bank transfer.  I have always felt extremely safe buying from them, if you have an issue with a seller you can open a dispute which I find really good to know.

If you want to know anything else feel free to send me a message.

Happy Shopping!

Stacey x



Author: thefacefairy

33 year old Makeup Artist Mother of 2 Fashion lover Bargain hunter

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