My first Blog! I’ve bit the bullet

Okay I’ve been threatening to do this for a long time….

Why has it taken me so long, simply because I felt why would anyone want to read my blog? Then I realised that a blog isn’t simply for others it’s also for yourself.

I like to read lots of different content on the web, from beauty to cooking to travel to parenting so I hope there is room to squeeze another blogger in there aka Me!

Lets start with a bit about myself…

I am 33 years old, mother of two, originally from Limerick City but living in South Kildare.  I am a Makeup artist mostly doing bridal and I also help run my husbands construction company. Most of you are probably thinking ” Why on earth would you add a blog to all that” Well I love to give tips, share advice, make people laugh and I have seen lately that so many bloggers/ influencers have been lured to the dark side i.e their content seems more about making money and advertising than actually offering hand on heart reviews and advice.

Well I have never been paid/ sent a product before and I most certainly would not recommend anything I do not personally love or have used.

Anyways like I said I have no experience in blogging, this is my very first post so I am now going to hit that publish button.  I hope I will enjoy this as much as I think and hope I will.

Stacey x


Author: thefacefairy

33 year old Makeup Artist Mother of 2 Fashion lover Bargain hunter

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