Top Products from 2018, that I loved!

Right, so I found lots of new products that I loved in 2018.  I am always picking up bits to try out and although I do like to splash out occasionally, I do love when a product works well and has a reasonable price range.

The beauty market has been flooded recently with so many products that I find it hard to decide which one to choose, between foundation, tan, highlighters and skincare it can be a nightmare to find one that will suit you and that you won’t end up throwing in your drawer never to be used again.

I will always give my honest review on anything I use, but just bare in mind that although I might love/hate a product, it might be the opposite for you.

These are in no particular order but I loved them all and would/ will be purchasing again!


NOTE COSMETICS – Full Coverage Liquid concealer -€4.95

This concealer is one of the best low budget concealer’s I have ever used.  It comes with an applicator and 3 different shades.  Ivory, Beige & Sand. ( There could be new shades brought out since)  It gives a full coverage finish but it is so light on the skin, it is great for under eye area to brighten up dark circles.  My only gripe is that I go through it very quickly.  I would love to see a large version being brought out, I’d be all over that.  My shade I use is Ivory.



STILA – Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow – €27.95stila_kitten-karma_001_productHow did I ever live without these beauties! I currently have about 8 of these.  My favourite if I was to get only one would be Kitten Karma, its a light peachy golden shade that goes with any eye look.  It can be used on its own blended over the lid or added on top of shadows to give a pop of glitter to the eye.  There is no fall out with this, unlike some glitter shadows or pigments and there is no need for any glue.  Its pricey but lasts for ages.  If your wanting to treat yourself, pick up one of these.  Rose Gold retro is another beautiful shade, slightly more pink than Kitten Karma but equally bling.


THE ORDINARY – Coverage Foundation – €6.80


I bought this because I had heard great things about The Ordinary and I loved their skincare range.  I was sceptical that for that price is would be as good as it was.  This comes in lots of shades and they also do different tones, so P for pink undertones, Y for yellow undertones, R for red undertones and N for neutral tones.  This is great as we all have different undertones in our skin.

I prefer to use their 2.0 YG which is Yellow Gold, the gold being tiny flecks of gold going through the foundation which gives it a luminous finish.  The coverage is good, I would say medium coverage.  It also feels light on the skin so you don’t have to feeling like your face is dried or cracking. I have maybe 20 bottles of this now in all the different shades for use on clients.


BELLAMIANTA- Skin Perfecting Instant Tan – €18.00


I usually use self tan year round, its rare I don’t have it on but this has been a god send for days when I haven’t any on or want to spruce up tan that has been on a while.  It has a beautiful scent and it is really moisturising.  It evens out the skin tone and just gives a really lovely glow to the skin without feeling that usual sticky feeling you get with some instant tan.   I always bring their travel size one with me when  I go away for a few nights, it is a life saver especially if I don’t know what outfits I am going to wear.  Tan those ankles girl!!!  You can get 20% off on their website if you use the code FAIRY20 ❤


NOTE COSMETICS – Skin Perfecting Illuminator – €8.76


I only found this gem around October, but I am already out.  I have used this every day and love it.  It primes your skin whilst adding a bit of a glow.  Similar to Mac Strobe cream but I need to be able to walk into a store local to me and pick something up which is why this is going on my best of 2018 list.  I also got a lot of use out of the tube, which is a decent 35mls.  For that price you cannot go wrong.


KIKO – Hydra Pro Mask – €6.25


I have dry skin and if I don’t look after it nothing sits right on it, my make up starts to flake and crease and its just a nightmare.  I got this when I was Lisbon last year.  I use it once a week or if I am lazy once every 2 weeks.  It is a lovely light face mask that leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated after it.  It is ideal for all skin types and as usual the price is on point!

Kiko website is always doing great sales and they ship to Ireland also.


I have so many products that I have bought and loved but these were the ones that stood out for me be it price or quality.  You have probably heard me speaking about them on my social media, if you have any question’s don’t be afraid to send me a message.


Stacey x



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