Becoming a Makeup Artist

When I started doing makeup back in 2013, I really hadn’t a clue where to go or start.  I knew I wanted to do makeup but I hadn’t the experience or the proper skills to do it professionally.

Its pretty daunting that every where you turn there seems to be courses offering to make you a QUALIFIED MUA IN 3 MONTHS!! Or some even in 2 days….. How do you know where to go or which one to choose and which one to give your hard earned money away to.

First off, I had no interest in the beautician side of things, I didn’t want to wax or do facials etc, I just purely wanted to do makeup.  I hadn’t much time as having two small kids and helping my husband run his construction company I hadn’t the option of enrolling to a full time course, plus living in South Kildare I hadn’t many options course wise only to travel to Dublin where there are loads of courses.

I chose to do a 2 week intensive course in LA College of Creative Arts in Dublin.  It was over €1500 and that included a set of makeup brushes and a start off kit .  Looking back these were your average white label products but I had literally nothing, apart from my personal makeup so it was a start.

If I am honest apart from learning about hygiene and skin types and makeup formulas i.e which products suit which skin type, I didn’t learn a whole lot, obviously 2 weeks isn’t a lot of time and although we practised on our models, it just wasn’t enough time to become a “Professional Makeup Artist”.

after I finished the course, I still hadn’t a clue how I was going to become a MUA.  Looking at all the talented makeup artists out there, I really started to despair.  Here I was late 20’s and only pursuing something I loved at this stage in my life.  Another hindrance was living in the countryside and Carlow town being my closest shopping / business area, there wasn’t a lot of makeup counters willing to take on a trainee or if they were the pay was dismal.

In college, we had a little competition to win some makeup that I was desperate to win, they wanted us to come up with an online presence, a name for blogging and facebook that we could use to start off our makeup careers.  Again I was stumped, I tried to think of a name, StaceyDoyle Makeup, Makeup by Stacey, on and on, no I couldn’t think of anything.  At that time I was following “The Makeup Fairy” and I said right the dead line is nearly up for this competition and I really need that prize, so was born the fairly in- original The Face Fairy! Anyways, I won the competition and I was thrilled, and never really gave much more thought to my “new” online brand name.

I started to do makeup on friends and family and slowly started to build up a kit.  There is so many brands out there at the minute it can be hard to figure out what to use.  So I will tell you what the absolute musts are to have in your kit if you want to start charging for makeup, see below.


I hope this has helped anyone who is thinking of becoming a makeup artist.  All I can add is, practice, practice,  practice.  Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone, try new things and get a feel for what you really love.  And most of all don’t be afraid to ask questions.  The majority of people are willing to help if they can.

I’m here if anyone needs to ask anything!


Stacey x




Author: thefacefairy

33 year old Makeup Artist Mother of 2 Fashion lover Bargain hunter

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