Using the correct Makeup Brushes

We would all love to be able to get our makeup or hair professionally done every time we go out but unfortunately that isn’t possible for most ladies.

I’m aware a lot of people really haven’t a clue which brushes to use and where to use them, so although you might have a bag full of tools you dread the thoughts of putting them to the test! Well I am going to explain which brushes you absolutely need and how to best put them to use.

Remember there are no rules when it comes to applying makeup, or to what brush you use. Peoples faces are all different, large eyes, small eyes, narrow face, long face etc.

So lets start with :


Gone are the days where it was acceptable to use your fingers to rub in your foundation, its easier and more hygienic to use a brush.  The main brushes for foundation would be :

  1.  Flat Brush
  2. Buffing Brush
  3. Stippling Brush

If you want a dewy light coverage then a stippling duo fibre brush is the way to go, its soft hairs allow you to build up the coverage and give a flawless base, great for liquid foundation.

If you want a full coverage base then I would go with a buffing brush, these can come in different shapes, domed, flat, pointed etc.  This brush allows you to buff the makeup into the surface of the skin hiding any flaws or blemishes.  This can be used with liquid, cream or powder foundations.  Its also good to note that these come in different sizes, i.e the smaller the head the longer it will take to apply your foundation, I love the below one from Blank Canvas , the F01 Quick brush, well because… its quick to use!

The flat brush was one of the first foundation brushes around, it almost allows you to paint the liquid foundation onto the skin but it is probably my least used brush for foundation these days.



Ok eyes are super important, but probably the most scary application out of all ! I will explain what each one is and what it does .

  • Flat shader brush- Any flat brushes are used for putting shadow on your lid, they come in different sizes and its always good to have a small one and a large one in the bag.  The small one can be used for under the eye to apply shadow.


  • Fluffy Blending brush- These are used for blending the shadows into the crease and above and this is where you would use them with your transition shade which is how you bring the shadow up the eye without looking like a panda. So you would start with a larger fluffy brush then work your way down in size depending on how many shades you want to use. A good rule of thumb is ” The darker the shade the smaller the brush”


  • Small tapered blending brush- These are for darkening the outer corner and working it into the crease, hence they are narrow and pointed to keep the shadow where it needs to be.


  • Liner brush- You can use either an angled liner brush or a plain liner brush, it really depends on which one suits your best, angled is great if you have mastered the winged liner. The angled brush also doubles up great as a brow gel applicator!


  • Smudging brush- These can be small bullet tipped brushes or flat ones, used specifically for smudging the shadow along the lash lines.


  • Blush & Powder

    Your never finished unless you add a dusting of powder or blush to the look.  If your oily you will most definitely need some translucent powder over your foundation or if your looking for those rosy cheeks then you will need to invest in a proper blush brush. If you really want to go all out you can also throw in a brush for highlighting those upper check bones and a contour brush for any hard to get angles.


So there is my run down of your everyday makeup brushes.  There are so many brands around now that you can get very high end brushes or some great quality budget brushes.  A good brush should last the test of time, meaning you should be able to clean them and with good care they shouldn’t shed.

No one will know your own face like you do, so don’t be afraid to try something new.



Stacey x




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